Thursday, 23 June 2011

loved and lost : Gain back

Hello friends,
We all have loved at some part of our lives with those who have either become a part of our lives or someone else's.I always wonder why do people love and then loose : Is it the loss of the love or the loss of determination to standby one's love.When we fall in love we tend to be swept away in tides of imaginative feelings and experiences:Experiences which are brimming with love and love and vibrant emotions.But sweeping away in this tide one tends to have left the shore of reality far behind where not only does our existence stands but also our real selves:A world where we are what we are,our responsibilities and our birth relations stand:A place where fulfilling our dreams of a satisfactory love stands stranded : Why?Because sometimes we come to know that the boy is not of our age or the girl is not perfect for us in all situations or is of another caste or country or of lesser or very higher strata of society or it was just one of the affairs among others:It is this reality friends one should always live in immediately after falling in love because when either of you know what you are in real self with or without your blood relations is the moment when you can soar to the heights of heaven together:To a world where not only do you know that is where you wanted to be with the one you love but are also assured that when you perch down on earth you know you have made the right choice:A choice not to think of twice:A choice shared by others and a choice you will standby in all odd situations till it cements its existence :That my friends is the way to love.It ain't a joke but the very reason of our existence:Be careful its love :)

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