Thursday, 2 June 2011

The healing power of touch

Hello friends,

                    Touch has a memory.
                                                      John Keats

A Touch calms us down, it is healing in the most primitive form. A touch in the form of an embrace or a kiss or holding hands does wonders,it freshens the day of people leaving for work , relaxes them when they get back home tired.A hand shake or an embrace to a friend or known one leaves pleasant feeling in our minds and as well as theirs.But, so far so said,do we really do it regularly,a few might.But for others they treasure these moments only for special occasions,occasions of bithday,anniversaries,festivals or someone's achievement. This mean that we get to hold on to our dear ones just 3-5 times  a year,that's sad. I realised this fact only after I got married. I came to stay with my mom for a few days,One day,I accidently  held her hand during a chat,and a shiver ran down my body as I realised that all my 28 yrs of my stay with my mom I never had held her hand or embraced her often , and here I was today,holding my mother's hand only to see her visibly wrinkled,frail hands:Hands which served us the whole lives.Friends,from there on I always held or embraced my parents by some or the other pretext.I still remember the last time I held my dad's hand was when I was young and he would take me along with him for a candy,thats it.Its so sad, that most of you like me must have not realised this fact till we get separated from our loved ones.But,I learnt from my ignorance and now I always embrace and greet my loved ones ,this makes my relations immortal.A touch brings a feeling of contentment,fulfillment and also a feeling of belongingness .Just try it, hold the hands of your loved ones when you talk or hug them when they are leaving for work or school.It works wonders and you know that.
"Everyone's got a heart.  Find a way to touch it!"


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  2. touch brings a feel to our soul and distances realizes that feels to our heart.

  3. I remember...when you told this to me n it really worked.