Friday, 17 June 2011

What is pain ?

Hello friends ,
What is pain?
Is it when we see a poor young child shivering in cold while we cozy off in our AC cars or enjoy coffee at Baristaa
Or is it when we see someone get murdered in broad daylight while we hush off from there to save ourselves
Or is it when we read of how a minor was raped while grazing her cattle while we turned on to another interesting headline 
Or is it when we see a needy eating out of a garbage while we pass by munching burgers 
Or is it when we come across the news of innocent policemen n army personnel being killed in ambush while we pass on to see more important news such as a review of a newly released movie
Or is it when a young bride victim of dowry breathes her last in her parents arms while we complaint of how our in-laws interfere in our methods of cooking
Or is it when a young girl is being touched inappropriately in public while we move aside covering our girls 
Or is it when we see a blind man selling paper tissues at metro while we pass by thinking that we have better quality one
Or is it when you see people walking their old parents around while we lie to our parents to meet our lovers
Or is it when you see a young girl selling bangles on street while you are buzy bargaining with her the price
Or is it when you see people standing for hours to wish birthday to stars or is it when u see the solitary parents of our martyrs remebering their loved ones while going through their chilhood album all alone in a dark room
What is it? What is the real pain : well my friends real pain is what we feel when we think emphatically:"If anyone has material possesion and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, then how can the love of God be expected by  him?"
So friends, next time you feel your self proclaimed pain think of those who are truly in PAIN : REACH THE HAVE NOTS WITH YOUR HAVES and give them a life to live for and not a death to ask for :)

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