Monday, 6 June 2011

The power of prayer

Hello friends,

This is the story of a girl who was very close to her family.Being the younger one,she was always doted upon.She had everything one could want for : A loving mother,a responsible father and a caring sister.When she grew old ,she fell in love with a boy of the same qualities and values : Qualities and values she had been brought up with.But sadly,her family didn't approve of the boy as he was not of their community.But ,what did the girl do?Did she leave him?Certainly not : She along with the boy sweared to fight a silent battle : A battle against the society and the family's conventional thinking about intercaste marriages.They chose to remain isolated of eachother and serve their parents without uttering a word against all the accusations they heard of each other in their respective families.The girl was orphaned of all the love she had got from her family,but she also knew that as her love is silent ,so is her family's.The father,whose scooter she washed daily before he left for office and with whom she used to go to temple standing besides him worshipping. All of a sudden he started standing away from her and worshipping : and here she was looking at him from the other corner of the temple watching his pained eyes which prayed for getting his daughter back :and in between her father and her was the Almighty.Daily evening she looked at him,with tears in her eyes to bless her not only with the boy she loved but also to bring the day soon wherein she could stand beside her father and pray.She knew that her parents were not wrong ,but she also knew that she was not wrong : So she devoted herself in the service to lord : Every morning and evening  she would decorate her forehead with the sacred red color of god symbolising her love for her lover and the blessing of God : She talked to the Almighty : Praying for peace in family and union of the boy's family with hers.This continued for 3 1/2 years.Years of sincere devotion to god and respectful devotion to parents worked at last.All of a sudden one day,the girl's dad decided to meet the boy and within one hour of meeting, he was impressed by the boy and the next day was decided for the wedding:She had passed her early youth in craving for reuniting with her loved ones and here she was in her late youth getting married to the boy of her and her family's choice.But how could she forget the one who blessed her with this happiness,the one:The almighty who consoled her and gave her and the family patience to survive the ordeal.In this respect,She decided to sacrifice her grand wedding celebrations,which every girl's dream off and got married in a small temple with her and the boy's family and in presence of the Giver:The Lord and today she is happily married for 2 years with the boy and with both the families closely knit together.But what about her prayer :  the request to stand beside her dad and worship in the temple.Did it get fulfilled too?Indeed,today whenever I visit my native place I and my father visit the temple,we stand besides each other along with my husband and worship:On one side, my father and on other side, the blessing of God : My husband and a content family.What can I ask for more : I am content.This is my story Friends.
But, do remember from my story that when you want something and crave for it desperately , the whole universe conspires to get it for you.But, it is equally important that in the pursuit of achieving the target you should not hurt the ones around you and always listen to your heart and choose the right path.

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