Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I am God

 Hello Friends,
 Today I speak to you,be you of any caste,creed or community,doesn't matter because what I am, so Are You : Human : God's own children and to those who differentiate between their religion and others and those who look down upon others who belong to their low strata of society forget that,when You as a HINDU ring a bell in the temple or read a prayer in the church or lift your hands and bow your head before Allah or bow your head before a holy book ,what do you ask for : For your peace, your family's peace,wealth and health : All of us ask for the same thing : Happiness and courage to fight the odds.What do you think?A Muslim's prayer reaches heaven before a Hindu's or do you think that you belonging to forward caste of your self proclaimed caste based divided society have the answers to your prayers before some one below you in caste : NO.Most of you are wrong.God is one.Why don't you understand? Look at us,we are one,we breathe and we feel: We are HUMANS.We all are one not u,I or they : We are one : Look into each other what do you see?Is he different from you,no, he is just like you, though the paths selected by you and him to reach God are different,but the destination is one :God,where?outside you?No,but inside you : Look at yourself : Where do you get the courage to fight your troubles,or how do you achieve success or how do you overcome your short comings : By visiting a holy place or lighting a lamp or an incense stick?You think some super natural power of your belief works wonders for you : No my brother, its you that makes magic happen in your lives,its your determination and attitude : An attitude of a never say die spirit.So respect the mould you have been gifted,its the temple of God : Of you : Look at each other with respect because he is what you are.Even if you still argue how can we be like others?Then, my dear friends,look around you, everything in this world is similar,be it trees,fruits, flowers or animals.They live in close harmony with each other and perform their duty without any bias towards us and each other.Everything created in this universe ultimately comes down to ONE :ONE GOD which need not say further is common to one and all , so don't stoop to such levels that would make you not only different from us but also ashamed of yourself when you look at your reflection in the mirror.Remember,We are one : You are precious:I am precious:You are God's own creation so am I :Value it and others around you.

"Different things delight different people. But it is my delight to keep the ruling faculty sound without turning away either from any man or from any of the things which happen to men, but looking at and receiving all with welcome eyes and using everything according to its value."