Thursday, 7 July 2011

That special person

Hello friends,
Seldom do we come across people who walk into our lives and leave their footprints forever.It would be right to say that they are God sent angels in our lives.Such a special person entered my life too and gifted it with happiness and reverence for him.But the relation which I shared with him was also strange : I still ponder what to name our relation and this confusion erupts in my heart because when we were attending our college together we only knew each other by face,he kept on gazing at me during our classes and as i felt awkward about it I drifted away from him , but slowly n steadily we started communicating and within a year he became a very good friend of mine.We would go for picnic,tea break and chatting often.He regularly visited my home and soon won the hearts of my parents who treated him like their own son.Once it so happened that by the end of our two years of studies he came to my home,that visit which he made on that day had some strange air around it.While I ,he and my dad were chatting , he would often look at me and I could sense easily that he was collecting courage to say something to my dad , but I couldn't read his silence. Well,when he left for his home in nearby town on the very day , he returned back 2 days later only to inform me that his marriage had been fixed by his parents and then he broke up and confessed that he wanted to ask for my hand from my dad that day when he had come to my home,but couldn't collect the courage.But as he was very dedicated to his family,he forsake his love and married the girl of his family's choice and I was happy too as I always looked up to him as my friend in need and indeed.Well, he din't severe his ties with my family and often visited us even after his marriage with & without his family.We had a long relationship of 5 years till I fell in love with a boy and when he came to know of it ,as a true friend he supported me but also showed me the pros and cons of my love as a friend would do.When I was getting married and none of my friends attended my wedding as it was not according to social norms as I was doing an inter-caste marriage, it was him that stood by me and not only this what has still amazed me and left me bewildered till date is that when the priest in the wedding wanted someone to perform a ritual which only a brother could do in a Hindu marriage , my family said that there's no brother I have but then he said pointing out to my friend , that he can perform the role of a brother.I was shocked and suspiciously smiled at him as I knew that he was the very boy who loved me once.But this expression was not reciprocated by him,with a very somber face he religiously accepted the duty and performed the ritual which a brother performs for his sister.What's this relation to be named friends?It is above the status of a friend,a lover and a brother something which can't be named but only felt deep within one's heart.
That's my special person : Siddharth and we have come a long way of 11 years in our relation.A relation which carries no name and reasons to stay together.It just lives and grows with us.
""Never shall i forget the days i spent with you . continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours." 

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