Friday, 26 August 2011

I love you , I love you , I love you.....

Hello friends,
From where to start, from " I ", from "love" or from "you".I am at loss of words today when it comes to encompassing all the emotions involved in these three most priceless words : Words which one craves to listen,to tell,to feel : I love you : What a fresh breath it leaves when uttered off..In childhood we never knew the meaning of it and if we did also we considered it as a crime or an embarrassment to utter it to some boy or girl we liked,but then as we come closer to adolescence we slowly realise the excitement attached to these three words.We all are so excited to utter these words to those whom we love that we dream of the situation,
the dress,the surrounding,the occassion to speak out these words to that special person.But its often found that the excitement fades away with time as we move on in our lives and meet new people(I don't completely disagree with the fading part because some of our adolescents are serious about their relations too .)
Lets move on , when we reach a mature age level where we can judge and choose people, we get lucky enough to get our special person :Of course ,there is excitement but more than that there is a sense of commitment attached which these three precious words are all about.A love at this age is very tender yet serious and very deeply rooted in one's heart :  A break away from the partner whom you have said :" Hey!!!! I  love you",doesn't make you forget that person as you know that they were not just words for you but they were words of your heart said with commitment,hence,cant be forgotten.Friends,"I love you" is an epitome of love in itself : Only said when needs to be said and only to the right person and at the right time.......If not said so , it may abandon you and leave you with only the memoirs of the days spent together:Days which can never come back.
well,all said and done so far : I am happy that at least I know of a few such people who revered these three words and are happy telling them to those whom they said earlier and also those who said it to their soul mates but couldn't get too far with them but still carry the same feeling for them with respect deep within their hearts.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

papa papa :)

Hello friends ,
We all are proud owners of a very special relationship in our lives : A relationship with a Dad : My dad as is known in our family had seen all the hardships in his life, be it his clothes which were made out of a postman's sack(as my grandfather was a postmaster and was not very well off) in which he carries letters,his education which had to be stopped from pursuing higher studies due to shortage of funds,but still securing a position of 17 in the entire Lucknow university,working at the tender age of 17 to run his family of 6 members including 3 sisters and a younger brother:He like any responsible  elder son contributed throughly from his heart and pocket to get them educated and married : My father,stood  by his family in thick and thin.But you  see nothing is permanent in this transistory life,so are the relations,after loosing his younger brother to cancer and his father , he was all broken up and as the other family members flourished in their lives and enjoyed all the luxuries of their lives they slowly forgot their elder brother : As he was just a government servant and they, heads of govt.institutions now.They started taking him for granted , his kids would be treated with partiality as they were not as well  off them .But still my father never let us see his heart breaks in front of us as he was our father,he had to be our hero :He stood strong against all odds:Odds inexplainable and numerous.Though sometimes I had seen him talking to my mother with tears in his eyes that, look what did I earn in my life ,my own family is not with me,whom will I look for in my old age,my mom always comforted him saying that you have two daughters,but then he would say that they are daughters once married would leave and get buzy in their lives,but my mom always said that they are not like others,they are like your two sons:Responsible for you:Just watch. Today, when he is 61 yr old grey haired,retired,riding his scooter,a scooter which he would never had thought of replacing with a car as he had two daughters to be dropped off at school or college or to be married off.Now that we are married , he still does not do away with it as that's what remained faithful to him be it in arranging for his daughter's wedding or riding them to their marriage locations.True, its said that a man is known by the company he keeps : A company of his wife,his daughters,his son-in-laws and his 5 yr old grandson and yes, his scooter:We stood besides him when all others shed away.Today,My dad,never feels any regrets about his life or about loosing his close relations because he is proud that today when he needs someone to care for him,he knows he can count on six persons in his life:His only treasured treasure of all his 61 years :  A treasure which will always keep him rich : Thank you dad :We all are proud of you :)

Monday, 15 August 2011

To sister with love

Hello friends,
As I celebrated Rakshbandhan this 13th august far away from my elder sister , I realized the importance of the sacred thread the Rakhi tied around the wrist of the one whom you love : Your siblings and my sister Billu as I always called her : Born an year ahead of me , made her responsible and caring and protective for everyone around in the family and especially me : Her younger sister . I have seen her grown up , succeeding in school, wining trophies ,scoring highest scores in all subject and I always the one in school watching her orate,debate,race and receive trophies.I always clapped for her and took pride in knowing that I have a sister like mine.I have rightly used the word pride because she was always besides me with her arms across
 me,protecting me, be it from the school boys from approaching me,hiding my poor scores in mathematics from parents and when discovered wiping my tears off after I being scolded and encouraging me, protecting from the rouges, always keeping a watch from her class window across to mine to see that I am safe and happy.As we attained adolescence,I thought I was grown up and could do without her,so I made a lot of friends : Friends,who slowly came so close to me that I started keeping secrets of my infatuations from her and other little insignificant facts of the past.But blood relation are blood relation,when my secrets were out, I was scolded ,not talked to,but its the blood relation : Can be upset,but never will disown you : I slowly realized this fact that one has to be faithful to family first and then to the outside world.When my sister came of marriageable age, 3 1/2 years had passed by to find a good match for her irrespective of she being a brilliant and strong charactered girl.My dad was loosing hope in finding a good match , my sister was not willing to marry and leave us all but also wanted dad to be free of all his worries as any responsible daughter would.She helped my dad in finding matches for her by regularly visiting internet cafes for the matrimonial links,spending hours in front of the monitor,but to no use.At night,we used to sit out together watching at the sky and talking : God is watching us and surely he will take our parents worry away:Saying it she had tears in her eyes as she was expecting against hope : But then at the end of 3 1/2 years she found the best match : A match which had wiped all the tears and sweat of all those years passed by.When I came of marriageable age I fell in love with a boy against my family wishes:She could not confide in my decision as it was she and my family who always took decisions for me from the very start,but I was happy about one thing that I dint hide my love from my family and told them right away as in so many years their love and care had made me responsible enough to stand by my decision and wait for their consent , it took 3 1/2 years exactly as my sister to get acceptance for my  marriage , but what's in destiny can't be changed,as she was far away she couldn't realize that her younger sister was getting married the very next day my family had consented : she tried desperately to convince my husband that she ( I ) is the only sister I have please give me a months time as I want her to get married the way she deserves , any sister deserves,let me decorate my younger sister as a bride with my own hands but the previous circumstances had been such that my husband found hard to believe her words , I also requested him but as all was finalized and as my parents too said to get married at the set date and not to postpone it. Realizing  I was getting married she immediately along with her husband and her young one drove whole night and day but failed to reach in time and had to meet me at my in-laws home all decked up as a bride:she was shocked to see me , her sister ,her young one all so decked up as bride and surrounded by new family members.she still had those worries of whether I am safe and happy in her watery eyes when she embraced me.She while seeing me and my husband off the railway station requested him with folded hands to take care of me and never let me cry just like an elder sister would.Today we are happy in our lives and still bonded by the sacred thread of Rakhi also what it stands for even if far away.
That's my sister Deepti : My guardian angel ,My life , My God

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Weekday colours

Hello friends,
Here are some interesting facts from astrology about the colours to be adorned on particular weekdays,its interesting to know the following and if a believer do practice them :
Monday: Lord Shiva rules on Mondays. White is the colour for Mondays and therefore wearing white dresses and keeping white flowers at home are recommended on Mondays. It is a good day for men seeking favours from women and for making new friends. Taking honey and cucumber on Mondays is likely to yield good results.
Tuesday: Red being the most suitable colour for Tuesdays, wearing red clothes and keeping red flowers at home on the day may prove to be good. Men shall be courageous on the day and Tuesdays are the most suitable days to settle long-standing issues with the police and army. Administrative and hard laborious work should be undertaken on Tuesdays.

Wednesday: Ruled by Mercury, the day is most suitable for activities involving cerebral faculties, banking, finance, crop and grain trading and the acquisition of wealth. Wednesday is ideal for romance. All activities requiring cerebral input and intellectual faculties are recommended on Wednesdays. (…) The day is ideal for planting trees, as green is the colour of the day. Keeping green plants at home, wearing green clothes and eating beans and gota mungdal on Wednesday would ensure good effects.

Thursday: Though travelling is virtually a taboo on Thursdays, efforts to retrieve lost wealth and articles are expected to succeed if undertaken on Thursdays. Thursday is an excellent day to join any educational institute or to begin any academic pursuits; such activities should, however, be undertaken in the first half of the day. (…) Wearing yellow or off-white clothes, keeping yellow or off-white flowers at home and eating arhar dal, papaya and rice with ghee on Thursdays may bring in good results.

Friday: Shukra (Venus) and Bhubaneshwari Devi rule Friday and promise success, especially to women. Happiness permeates the day. Friendship blossoms and effortless gains are natural events of the day. Most suitable for the purchase of new vehicles, Friday is also a good day for medical treatments of serious illness, as the healing energies are most active on the day. It is a day for purchasing jewellery, precious stones, ornaments and new houses. (…) Very light blue or white are the colours of the day.

Saturday: If you are besieged by nagging interminable legal problems, launch an all out effort to resolve the problem on Saturdays. Any work initiated in the first half on Saturday carries a high possibility of success. anyone leading a pious lifestyle on the day, bereft of luxuries, eating sesame seed paste and grilled black brinjal, keeping purple flowers at home and wearing black clothes, is likely to receive success and blessings of Shani or Saturn.

Sunday: An excellent day to undertake journeys, Sunday is also an extremely conducive day on which to resolve old disputes. Sunday, being a day for celebration, is the most suitable day to feed and entertain friends and family. (…) If one wears pink or maroon clothes on Sundays one can make friends easily and will enhance one’s personality. It is the day which is most suitable to initiate discussions and negotiations about new projects with government officials.