Friday, 22 July 2011

love love love

Hello friends,
What exactly is love : Has anyone been able to fully define it or embrace it or had explored the limits of love only if it has any?What are the various forms of it, is it limitless,timeless,ageless and formless.Does it enclose only sighs,tears,laughter or some other emotions too.I have not yet been able to explore it fully,the more I think of it and live with it , it seems more and more profound to me : It seems so addictive to write about that it seems to pull me towards its own abyss. What seems to me love is in what i can see and feel.See and feel in a love of a father holding his young one's little finger and assisting him to walk or in a mother's wait for her kids to return back from school to serve hot lunch or of a wife ironing her husband's clothes while he leaves for office or seeing him off till he vanishes away from her sight or is it when a daughter plants a few seeds of Tulsi (a sacred plant of Hindus) plant given by her mother to be planted seven seas far away and the prayer of its sprouting and tears of joy rolling down the girl's eye to see it sprout and grow,as it grows in her mother's homeland or is it in the holding of a frail old man's hand by his or her grandchilren for a walk or is it when your pet sees you weep and licks off your rolling tears from your cheek or is it in the last kiss of a soldier to his motherland while he falls down in her lap saving her integrity or is it in the sight of your lover on seeing whom you always have a goose bump or is it that special first love and lost  feeling which still lurks in a corner of your heart or is it in the tiny hand of a daughter's hand which wipes off your sweat after a hard day's work or is it in a friend hiding your fault in front of a teacher and taking its blame or is it when you see a mother monkey embracing her young one against her breast or in Mirabai's love for the idol of Lord Krishna............what?what exactly is love,is it bound to a person,or to a bond .Of course not,it's much beyond all these mortal bonds, beyond anyone could have written about or imagined of .But, one things off sure, whatever love is, it is the very basis of humanity....something san (without) which we all would loose the threads of our connectivity and existence. love is something eternal and unconditional.The aspects and degree may change but not the essence.So if you have not loved you have not lived : Come Fall and grow in the essence of love and gift yourself and others a beautiful life :)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

A husband : A wife : A soul

Hello friends,
Falling in new depths of love is not so easy after marriage whether loved or arranged , it requires a husband and a wife to be sincere,caring,trustworthy,respectable for his or her presence in each others lives.A husband was a son in past,someone who has seen how his father had kept his mother besides him with respect and would learn the same from what he has seen since his childhood and implements it even better in his responsibility of caring towards his wife.A husband takes the place of a girl's family:A place kept so highly revered by the girl.He walks into her life with many promises and she enters in his with many hopes.Hopes which are metaphysical:Hopes of looking at each other whenever but with pride,a feeling of belongingness presiding throughout the day and the years passing by,walking besides each other holding hands,looking into each others eyes seeing the new found eternal spark of love and passion for each other.A hope of getting absorbed into the new world build by him for her:A world where he sees himself growing old with her and being cared for.Her world belongs where he belongs,where she can see him fulfilling his promises and she seeing her hopes being painted by him onto the canvas of their lives with all the glorious colours.This not only creates a rainbow of vibrant colours around them but a husband and a wife also sees to it that there is always a shower of love to see that the rainbow surrounds them forever.This is the journey my friends,when travelled upon by both the partners besides each other fulfilling each other's hopes and promises,painting ones lives with hues of passion and dedication inturn leading them to a point where a husband becomes a part of a wife's soul and a wife his.A body of two to see but a soul of one to feel :)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The real jewel of a woman

Hello friends,
We all know the significance of shringaar : this adorns a Hindu bride or  a woman.The term shringar is also associated with Goddess Lakshmi, who is a model wife and the representation of female beauty, good luck, prosperity and fertility. Indian women wear her original beauty ornaments in the form of sindoor, laung (nose pin), earrings, bangles, rings, payal and nupur (bichuye). Well if you  dont know the significance and are not wearing any of the shringaar then below is the list of the shringaar and their religious and medical significance:
SINDOOR: sindoor which an Indian married women applies on her middle parting signifies brahmnadi- this brahmnadi is believed to be weak in women’s which unable them to take decisions. Applying sindoor in middle partition means strengthen your ability to take decisions. 
NUPUR(bichuye):nupur which is used to wear in second finger of both the feet’s.the nerve in this toe is believed to  have a nerve running to the uterus which inturn keeps it healthy. It is also believed that the nerve of this finger in which nupur is being worn directly connected to heart.
MANGALSUTRA: It bears an utmost importance in women’s life without this amulet no marriage is completed. It is one of the essential adornments of women which she needs to wear whole of her life as proof of her marriage and bonding with her spouse.Mangalsutra is believed to have divine powers. Each of the black beads in the Mangalsutra, signify protection from evil power and are believed to protect the marriage of a couple, essentially the life of the husband. 
BINDI:is the primary shringar and a sacred symbol of suhag- her husband. Bindi has a very strong implication in women’s life. A dot or point is the abode of Shiva and Shakthi.The bindi is declared to be very helpful for the good health of the brain, eyes, ears and the nose because these applications maintain a fine pull on the veins and nerves underneath the forehead, nose-root and forearm’s skin to monitor proper flow of blood. The forebrain controls the decision making part of the brain. In acupressure methods it is considered to be the most sensitive part of the body responsible for alertness and hence the use of Bindi for the forehead is justified. It also provides warmth to the pituitary glands located near the Thalamus.
NOSE-PIN: also called laung, is the other ornament and shringar which married women wear on her nose.Ayuveda, which is part of the Indian Vedic Scripts, states that Nose too linked with the female reproductive organs; accordingly the nose piercing is supposed to make childbirth easier and lessen period pain during women's natural menstrual course and periods.
MEHENDI:Henna is the next most important shringar of women which is applied on hands and feets. It is believed that the more the colour of henna, the more her husband loves her.It can also help in lowering body temperature and soothe headaches, fevers, burning feet and even hysteria or a violent temper. It can increase the luster of nails, is effective in muscular rigidity and even in Jaundice.
BANGLES:are another symbol of beauty and shringar for married women. Generally gold and red glass bangles are worn by married women which signify sacredness.
Bangle Color : Meaning
1)Red : Energy

2)Blue : Tranquility/Wisdom

3)Purple : Independence

4)Green : Luck/Married Status

5)Yellow : Happiness

6)Orange : Success

7)White : New Beginnings

8)Black : Power

9)Silver : Strength

10)Gold : Fortune

During an Indian wedding, the bride tries to wear the smallest glass bangles. She is helped by her best friend or sister to do this using scented oil. It’s believed that smaller bangles symbolize a happy and loving marriage .Bangles and Husband and Luck – A married Indian woman is required to wear bangles (green or red depending on which region they belong to) on a day to day basis because bangles are symbolic of safety, marriage and luck for their husbands.
So girls remember "A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness"  :)

Thursday, 7 July 2011

That special person

Hello friends,
Seldom do we come across people who walk into our lives and leave their footprints forever.It would be right to say that they are God sent angels in our lives.Such a special person entered my life too and gifted it with happiness and reverence for him.But the relation which I shared with him was also strange : I still ponder what to name our relation and this confusion erupts in my heart because when we were attending our college together we only knew each other by face,he kept on gazing at me during our classes and as i felt awkward about it I drifted away from him , but slowly n steadily we started communicating and within a year he became a very good friend of mine.We would go for picnic,tea break and chatting often.He regularly visited my home and soon won the hearts of my parents who treated him like their own son.Once it so happened that by the end of our two years of studies he came to my home,that visit which he made on that day had some strange air around it.While I ,he and my dad were chatting , he would often look at me and I could sense easily that he was collecting courage to say something to my dad , but I couldn't read his silence. Well,when he left for his home in nearby town on the very day , he returned back 2 days later only to inform me that his marriage had been fixed by his parents and then he broke up and confessed that he wanted to ask for my hand from my dad that day when he had come to my home,but couldn't collect the courage.But as he was very dedicated to his family,he forsake his love and married the girl of his family's choice and I was happy too as I always looked up to him as my friend in need and indeed.Well, he din't severe his ties with my family and often visited us even after his marriage with & without his family.We had a long relationship of 5 years till I fell in love with a boy and when he came to know of it ,as a true friend he supported me but also showed me the pros and cons of my love as a friend would do.When I was getting married and none of my friends attended my wedding as it was not according to social norms as I was doing an inter-caste marriage, it was him that stood by me and not only this what has still amazed me and left me bewildered till date is that when the priest in the wedding wanted someone to perform a ritual which only a brother could do in a Hindu marriage , my family said that there's no brother I have but then he said pointing out to my friend , that he can perform the role of a brother.I was shocked and suspiciously smiled at him as I knew that he was the very boy who loved me once.But this expression was not reciprocated by him,with a very somber face he religiously accepted the duty and performed the ritual which a brother performs for his sister.What's this relation to be named friends?It is above the status of a friend,a lover and a brother something which can't be named but only felt deep within one's heart.
That's my special person : Siddharth and we have come a long way of 11 years in our relation.A relation which carries no name and reasons to stay together.It just lives and grows with us.
""Never shall i forget the days i spent with you . continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours."