Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A journey of love from heart to head

Hello friends,

What is love? Is it when you see your secret boy of admiration riding a bike, or when you see a movie and start seeing the heroic qualities of the reel hero all of a sudden in a boy next door;or is it when u r caught accidentally in an exchange of sight with your senior at school;or is it comforting a heart broken lover hoping to join his heart with yours; or is it that when you r busy looking for true love, u forget that someone is searching for you too as his love : who is this boy? Well a non existent for you : why so ? Well,because he doesn't have a bike, no fashion statement, no heroic qualities which you look for in ur pursuit of finding love.
But in this pursuit of exploring  love, you build up castles in dream , marriages in heaven and all of a sudden all the romantic melodies seems to be written just for you and what not... just everything around you seems like a beautiful dream except for occasional realities like your exams n results and parents scolding and yes, meeting the boy in whom u see reality not your dreams: well, in this pursuit, one"s heart is often broken , u feel let down, but Ghosh!!! It's love : can happen anytime anywhere but it's in between this anywhere and anytime and broken dreams you find someone always following you: in happiness or in sadness always a part of your real life : though not significant for you but still a part: is this love???
It is at this time that head takes over heart
and makes it clear to you that true love may not sound jingles in your ears or build up castles for you but it is real : It accepts the way you are in real not as the one in dreams: the one simple love that kept knocking at your heart while you were buzy knocking others.Indeed,love happens in reality and definitely with those people who are not like what you want them to be but who accept you as in your real self:and that's my dear friends true love :)


  1. "true love may not sound jingles in your ears or build up castles for you but it is real" .. well said, very true.