Friday, 22 July 2011

love love love

Hello friends,
What exactly is love : Has anyone been able to fully define it or embrace it or had explored the limits of love only if it has any?What are the various forms of it, is it limitless,timeless,ageless and formless.Does it enclose only sighs,tears,laughter or some other emotions too.I have not yet been able to explore it fully,the more I think of it and live with it , it seems more and more profound to me : It seems so addictive to write about that it seems to pull me towards its own abyss. What seems to me love is in what i can see and feel.See and feel in a love of a father holding his young one's little finger and assisting him to walk or in a mother's wait for her kids to return back from school to serve hot lunch or of a wife ironing her husband's clothes while he leaves for office or seeing him off till he vanishes away from her sight or is it when a daughter plants a few seeds of Tulsi (a sacred plant of Hindus) plant given by her mother to be planted seven seas far away and the prayer of its sprouting and tears of joy rolling down the girl's eye to see it sprout and grow,as it grows in her mother's homeland or is it in the holding of a frail old man's hand by his or her grandchilren for a walk or is it when your pet sees you weep and licks off your rolling tears from your cheek or is it in the last kiss of a soldier to his motherland while he falls down in her lap saving her integrity or is it in the sight of your lover on seeing whom you always have a goose bump or is it that special first love and lost  feeling which still lurks in a corner of your heart or is it in the tiny hand of a daughter's hand which wipes off your sweat after a hard day's work or is it in a friend hiding your fault in front of a teacher and taking its blame or is it when you see a mother monkey embracing her young one against her breast or in Mirabai's love for the idol of Lord Krishna............what?what exactly is love,is it bound to a person,or to a bond .Of course not,it's much beyond all these mortal bonds, beyond anyone could have written about or imagined of .But, one things off sure, whatever love is, it is the very basis of humanity....something san (without) which we all would loose the threads of our connectivity and existence. love is something eternal and unconditional.The aspects and degree may change but not the essence.So if you have not loved you have not lived : Come Fall and grow in the essence of love and gift yourself and others a beautiful life :)

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