Sunday, 17 July 2011

A husband : A wife : A soul

Hello friends,
Falling in new depths of love is not so easy after marriage whether loved or arranged , it requires a husband and a wife to be sincere,caring,trustworthy,respectable for his or her presence in each others lives.A husband was a son in past,someone who has seen how his father had kept his mother besides him with respect and would learn the same from what he has seen since his childhood and implements it even better in his responsibility of caring towards his wife.A husband takes the place of a girl's family:A place kept so highly revered by the girl.He walks into her life with many promises and she enters in his with many hopes.Hopes which are metaphysical:Hopes of looking at each other whenever but with pride,a feeling of belongingness presiding throughout the day and the years passing by,walking besides each other holding hands,looking into each others eyes seeing the new found eternal spark of love and passion for each other.A hope of getting absorbed into the new world build by him for her:A world where he sees himself growing old with her and being cared for.Her world belongs where he belongs,where she can see him fulfilling his promises and she seeing her hopes being painted by him onto the canvas of their lives with all the glorious colours.This not only creates a rainbow of vibrant colours around them but a husband and a wife also sees to it that there is always a shower of love to see that the rainbow surrounds them forever.This is the journey my friends,when travelled upon by both the partners besides each other fulfilling each other's hopes and promises,painting ones lives with hues of passion and dedication inturn leading them to a point where a husband becomes a part of a wife's soul and a wife his.A body of two to see but a soul of one to feel :)

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