Monday, 30 May 2011

final analysis

Hello friends ,
we come across many people some good some bad ,all of us know dealing with the good ones, but do we really know how to deal with the bad ones and even if we know the right way to deal with them do we practice it ? lets see:
A few people may seem to be self centered behave illogically or unreasonably and in an ill mannered way : we need to ignore them or forgive them :If you are kind,people think you are selfish or have some motive : still dont leave your kindness:You may be honest and frank, people may be rude to you & hate you too :still be honest:
what you be building for years may be destroyed by someone in a day : build anyway:the good we do today, will be forgotten tommorow : do good anyway.A few of you may disagree with me , I know its sometimes difficult for me too, but then ,I remember about the FINAL ANALYSIS : YOU SEE FRIENDS, ITS THE FINAL ANALYSIS BETWEEN YOU AND GOD.IT WAS NEVER BETWEEN YOU AND THEM(the people around you) ANYWAYS :)

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