Sunday, 29 May 2011

Are yo u living life or designing life ???

Hello friends ,

" We all have two choices; we can make a living or we can design a life."
my husband does the living and I the DESIGNING :)

I chose not to be a part of the RAT RACE which everyone is competing for , I dont say they are wrong because some are doing for earning a living and their better halves for fulfilling the demands of their family which is endless.I too was  a part of a race , but it was a race of my choice - a race of pleasure and contenment - I was a  teacher not educating for money but changing the lives of those who were needy, but now as I am married I chose to find the pleasure and contentment in my married life by becoming a homemaker.Though, it was my choice to be at home in the current setting ,where every woman is competing with men in all fields,I felt shy to be vocal about my status in public, but knowing the transient nature of our lives, I realized  that why should i shy away from my own choice and I collected the courage to be proud of my choice and this I got from looking around me: In the hustle and bustles of life , we ignore the greenery of trees,the chirping of birds,relaxing under a tree and feeling the rejuvenating breeze from sea shore,caressing and feeling nature and cherishing and cementing the bond with near and dear ones.
Here, I am today after 2 years of my marriage : a proud homemaker a designer of life : a choice I chose for :)


  1. u r right divya, but i want to add one thing don't become the part of rat race but always be the first rat to start the race, and you did that ......................................