Tuesday, 23 August 2011

papa papa :)

Hello friends ,
We all are proud owners of a very special relationship in our lives : A relationship with a Dad : My dad as is known in our family had seen all the hardships in his life, be it his clothes which were made out of a postman's sack(as my grandfather was a postmaster and was not very well off) in which he carries letters,his education which had to be stopped from pursuing higher studies due to shortage of funds,but still securing a position of 17 in the entire Lucknow university,working at the tender age of 17 to run his family of 6 members including 3 sisters and a younger brother:He like any responsible  elder son contributed throughly from his heart and pocket to get them educated and married : My father,stood  by his family in thick and thin.But you  see nothing is permanent in this transistory life,so are the relations,after loosing his younger brother to cancer and his father , he was all broken up and as the other family members flourished in their lives and enjoyed all the luxuries of their lives they slowly forgot their elder brother : As he was just a government servant and they, heads of govt.institutions now.They started taking him for granted , his kids would be treated with partiality as they were not as well  off them .But still my father never let us see his heart breaks in front of us as he was our father,he had to be our hero :He stood strong against all odds:Odds inexplainable and numerous.Though sometimes I had seen him talking to my mother with tears in his eyes that, look what did I earn in my life ,my own family is not with me,whom will I look for in my old age,my mom always comforted him saying that you have two daughters,but then he would say that they are daughters once married would leave and get buzy in their lives,but my mom always said that they are not like others,they are like your two sons:Responsible for you:Just watch. Today, when he is 61 yr old grey haired,retired,riding his scooter,a scooter which he would never had thought of replacing with a car as he had two daughters to be dropped off at school or college or to be married off.Now that we are married , he still does not do away with it as that's what remained faithful to him be it in arranging for his daughter's wedding or riding them to their marriage locations.True, its said that a man is known by the company he keeps : A company of his wife,his daughters,his son-in-laws and his 5 yr old grandson and yes, his scooter:We stood besides him when all others shed away.Today,My dad,never feels any regrets about his life or about loosing his close relations because he is proud that today when he needs someone to care for him,he knows he can count on six persons in his life:His only treasured treasure of all his 61 years :  A treasure which will always keep him rich : Thank you dad :We all are proud of you :)

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  1. Cant describe my feeling in words after reading this..... A real story of a real Hero.....