Friday, 26 August 2011

I love you , I love you , I love you.....

Hello friends,
From where to start, from " I ", from "love" or from "you".I am at loss of words today when it comes to encompassing all the emotions involved in these three most priceless words : Words which one craves to listen,to tell,to feel : I love you : What a fresh breath it leaves when uttered off..In childhood we never knew the meaning of it and if we did also we considered it as a crime or an embarrassment to utter it to some boy or girl we liked,but then as we come closer to adolescence we slowly realise the excitement attached to these three words.We all are so excited to utter these words to those whom we love that we dream of the situation,
the dress,the surrounding,the occassion to speak out these words to that special person.But its often found that the excitement fades away with time as we move on in our lives and meet new people(I don't completely disagree with the fading part because some of our adolescents are serious about their relations too .)
Lets move on , when we reach a mature age level where we can judge and choose people, we get lucky enough to get our special person :Of course ,there is excitement but more than that there is a sense of commitment attached which these three precious words are all about.A love at this age is very tender yet serious and very deeply rooted in one's heart :  A break away from the partner whom you have said :" Hey!!!! I  love you",doesn't make you forget that person as you know that they were not just words for you but they were words of your heart said with commitment,hence,cant be forgotten.Friends,"I love you" is an epitome of love in itself : Only said when needs to be said and only to the right person and at the right time.......If not said so , it may abandon you and leave you with only the memoirs of the days spent together:Days which can never come back.
well,all said and done so far : I am happy that at least I know of a few such people who revered these three words and are happy telling them to those whom they said earlier and also those who said it to their soul mates but couldn't get too far with them but still carry the same feeling for them with respect deep within their hearts.

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