Thursday, 3 May 2012

Reason,Season or a Lifetime???

Dear Friends,

I was looking back at my life this birthday and wondering at people near and far who walked across my life,some just passed away while others left their footprints some in sand some in cement and some in heart.I was wondering why do people walk into our lives.Do the people coming into our lives have a purpose ,are we destined to meet them.How are our lives going to be changed or affected by their arrival and stay.How?I was pondering deeply over this matter because i realised that all the major happenings good or bad I was going through,I wasn't alone.I always had a sect of friends along my side or against but around.and its just not about friends,i would also mention my maid who was so sad when i left Hyderabad and who helplessly tried to contact me but couldn't.Two years passed,she got married but calling me up was still on her mind and this time she called me up all the way to Singapore from India even though it would have costed her a lot through her brother-in-law's phone.she was so thrilled to listen to my voice,i was so touched by her call.I hung up on her call  and called her back and had a chat with her for an hour.though she having a Telugu dialect and hardly understood my Hindi and broken Telugu,still I and she shared that broken communication,Just hearing eachother's voice was satisfying enough for both of us.what relation did i make with her that she still feels and wants to be connected to me.Not only her,even my students whom i taught 5 years or so back and who still come to meet me when i m home.You would wonder what's new in this ,but i am not just talking of their visit.I am mentioning here their expressions and feelings.Looking at the shine in their eyes,their almost sitting near to edge posture to be closer to me,their undying desire to touch me,an humble request to go beyond just a hand shake and ask for an embrace.....have you ever witnessed these things minutely:Have you?i have always and it fills every cell of my body with pleasure and contentment and makes me realise that i must have really touched their lives in some way or other that today they feel so close to me.I came across a poem which recited of a few lines:people walk into our lives for a reason,season or a lifetime.Good or bad, friends,all kinds of people walk into our lives,embrace all ,good will leave you with good experiences and the bad one's will leave you with experiences you need to remind yourself of not bumping into such people in you lives again and relive those bad experiences again.I don't know how to put my thoughts into words,but,i believe that our lives are a gift of God and  that every person who walks into our lives have been sent by Him and has a purpose to fulfill his or ours,unintentionally or intentionally.I always respect people's presence and arrivals in my life,i feel i was destined to meet them,God has written them as a part of my life story.i reach out to them,explore our relationship and always be conscious of what they speak and of any messages they have for me which could and have changed my life forever.I am just not talking of their speech friends,mere presence of people,be it your maid,teacher,students,colleagues,friends,neighbours anyone you can think of.If they have entered your life,welcome them,listen to them.they definitely are carrying a message for you or are waiting to get the message from you which even be an answer to all your unanswered prayers.I am lucky that I came across all kinds of people,good and bad,people for a reason,who guided me,people for season who brought joy and mixed experiences into my life and lastly people for a lifetime who taught me a lifetime lesson which i would pass on to my future realtions and generations.Remember,respect each individual,their faces relate a story,story of their past,tradition and experiences.come close to them,observe them you never know whom you are living with or meeting daily or occasionally have some special message for you to learn or cherish or pass on..............I thank all the people whom I have come across in my life, be it for a reason,season or a lifetime :)

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