Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A priceless gift :)

Well friends,it was just yesterday that people around the globe celebrated Valentine's day in some way or the other.we too celebrated this special day with preferring each others company at home exchanging gifts that each of us thought would suit the best for us.so here I was gifting my husband a customized fridge magnet with our picture on it and a card which exactly suited him word by word and then he handed over his gift for me.I could see the smile,the pleasing,slightly excited smile,slightly nervous smile of what my reaction would be and then I took out the gift off the gift bag and there It was a dark green handwoven cotton dress from a shop which I resisted to enter noticing its price and here was my husband entering that shop,looking at each piece and choosing the right kind for me,he preferring formal colors with no designs was there looking something for me of my kind ,colorful with colorful embroidery and then he found it hanging among all the other dull colored n his favorite colors.He passed by all the dull choices,his choices and grabbed the one which would look best on me and got it packed in a special bag and carried it home,well what can I say friends I have tears in my eyes as I cant put in words the priceless expression he carried while handing it over to me and I was so thrilled to receive it,when I took it out I found it pleasing but when looked at the price tag,I was shocked 
 129 $,I thought was he joking 129 dollars for a handwoven plain green cotton simple embroided dress,no ways I tried it on me and initially told him it was good to please him but then I had to be honest,and there I was questioning him,what did you see in this dress which was worth 129 $,the shopkeeper must have befooled you,what did you see in this dress,its all plain and loose from behind,I said I would have to pin it from back n wear it ,I also confirmed is there an exchange policy and my hubby just kept saying Divya,look this is the shop (surfing internet) from where you never took,but I took for you,dont put a pin at its back,it would spoli it and I said how can i wear this and hung wrapped the dress and packed it in the bag and still kept on my bed , kept it to get exchanged for a better choice, my choice.But then you know today when he is at office working hard for me and our future I realised how low I was behaving yesterday when I received his gift.I kept thinking is that what you are Divya,once a teacher who cherished in handmade cards more than printed ones by her students,today,when has many choices to choose from and high prices I can afford,I have lost the value attached to the heart of gift and valuing its color and print and pattern,no tht's not me ,ofcourse not,I got swayed away far far away from the feelings attached behind this gift and just measured the gift.My husband,his taking out time to get this for me,his choosing one which suits me and his innocence in receiving a cherished smile in return from me after receiving it was more valuable than my expecting something of my choice as so much price was attached to it,well, I just wanted to choose the dress which would go by the price and look worth 129 $ but then I realized I can get one but from where will I bring the feelings which were attached with the previous dress,feelings of valentine,feeling of giving,loving,happiness,valuing emotions...no I couldn't get it even at the price of 129 $ as what is still lying on my bed in the gift wrap is the dress my husband gifted me.Just now , I have removed it from the bag and hung it in my wardrobe and all of a sudden looking at it among all the other dresses of mine , my choices hanging there,it looks the most beautiful,graceful,and the best one hanging among others , may be I am exaggerating,but you see that's the reflection of love that has beautified it all together even more : I am sorry my hubby,I got a little selfish.I forgot that atleast I am lucky that you are besides me on this Valentine day,gifting me this and there are ones like those little street children selling balloons on this day to lovers so that they can manage a day's meal for themselves or someone sitting in front of the garlanded picture of their lover,remembering and looking at the letters once written by him to her,no no no,this is what i have seen and has made me realize the significance of the person more than any gift given by him or her,as friends,gifts are mortal but feelings carried by the person holding the gift is immortal:Hold on to the one holding or even not holding a gift which he thinks you would like.Value the person,his feelings,his commitment ,his loyalty ,nothing else matters : Really , I can at least assure this if not to you at least to myself :)
For now and forever,I can say what is the greatest gift to me on Valentine is a portion of you,Brijesh,my husband:I love you and now and forever this will remain unconditional darling :)"

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